Athletic Insurance

Athletic Insurance

Athletic Insurance for 2019-2020

Any student participating in High School and Middle School athletics will be covered by a student accident insurance policy. The policy is provided and paid for by the school district. It only covers the student while he or she is involved in an athletic event, practice, or conditioning program.

Under the Athletic Insurance policy, the Insurance Company will pay the first $100.00. After that, the families’ primary insurance will take effect. If there are any additional costs, the Athletic Insurance policy will help supplement the remaining balance.

There is a tendency for some parents with children having claims to express disappointment when 100% of their medical expenses are not covered by this insurance. The fact is that few insurance policies do cover 100% of claims.

After filing a claim with your primary carrier, it is possible to be additionally compensated for a student accident under this policy. Should you wish to file a claim, contact the Athletic Trainer and specific instructions will be provided.

If you desire accident insurance that covers a student during school hours or 24 hour coverage, you must purchase voluntary student accident insurance.  Click here for details.
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