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TEAMS - Drill

The Drill Team is a team of Cadets who exemplify the traits of discipline, teamwork and leadership skills learned in the JROTC program. The Drill Team performs at various JROTC competitions in the State and Region. When the Drill Team participates in local competitions, they exhibit as much pride in their school as other varsity team sports. The JROTC drill team is a way for the program to generate positive publicity, creating interest and maintaining high morale in the JROTC program. The Battalion's Drill Team competes in several events with other high schools throughout the region. The Cadets successfully perform these events with pride, honor and precision while simultaneously balancing their core class schedule and workload. To be a member of the team requires commitment, discipline and concentration. The Drill Team and their performances are an excellent example of what dedicated training and teamwork can produce.

Captain - Austin Crawford
Co-Captain - Delaney Young

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