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PA Bullying Prevention Toolkit

Positively Gritty with Growth Mindset

Being gritty means finishing what is started and continues to work to reach goals. Grittiness helps us continue to work hard even after failing; it helps us refuse to give up or quit.

Mindset is what you believe about your intelligence and ability. A “fixed mindset” means that a person is born with a set amount of intelligence and ability, and it will never increase. A “growth mindset” means that you believe that intelligence and ability can be increased with effort and hard work.

How can parents, caregivers and teachers help children develop grit and growth mindset?

· Believe and teach that every student can learn
· Nurture by praising students on effort, strategy or process
· Teach that learning is more important than a right answer
· Help child set goals
· Help identify things that could make it difficult to reach goals
· Help youth develop a plan to reach the goal
· Help youth change how they work toward a goal if they get stuck along the way
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