Q:  Can I pay with Cash of Check? More +

Q:  Why did everyone get a mass notification about this roll out except me? More +

Q:  What if I have students in multiple grades, can I pick up all their iPads at one time? More +

Q:  My child is a senior or junior, why do I have to pay full price for the insurance? More +

Q:  What is the insurance we have to purchase and how does it work? More +

Q:  How Long will the students have the iPad this cycle? More +

Q:  What is Meraki and why is it on my iPad? More +

Q: What if I don't want/can't pay online? More +

Q:  Can we use our own private ipad in school? More +

Q: What do I need when I pick up my iPad? More +

Q: Does a parent have to be present to pick up the iPad?
More +
Tech Info
What if....

What if....

This article will cover a variety of "what if's" you may have about our iPad Initiative. More +
Can I...

Can I...

There are times you may want to do something a little different with your iPad.  "Can I..." will try and answer some of those questions for you. More +
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