Mission, Beliefs, and Strategic Plan

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Mission, Beliefs, and Strategic Plan

Mission, Beliefs, and Strategic Plan
Vision and strategy are propelling the Beaver Area School District to a higher level of excellence. Beaver Area is taking control of its future, not merely reacting to it, through proactive planning and management. Social, cultural and economic conditions in our global society demand that school districts strive for continual improvement, and Beaver Area is at the forefront of cutting edge leadership.
Mission Statement
The Beaver Area School District, a dynamic learning community connected by enduring relationships and academic excellence, is dedicated to preparing students to achieve their personal best today and tomorrow through the pursuit of rigorous academics which integrate creative thinking and innovation, through the development of an informed global perspective, and through the instilling of responsibility to their community.
Belief Statements
We believe…

• that learning is a lifelong process.
• that interpersonal relationships are essential for growth.
• that high expectations inspire continual growth and development.
• that every person has intrinsic value and worth.
• that innovation and proactivity are necessary in a changing world.
• that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
• that an informed global perspective connects our community to the world.
• that resiliency and adaptability are critical for the 21st century.
• that everyone should be responsible for global stewardship.
• that potential should never be limited.
• that there are multiple pathways to success.
• that learning involves partnerships among family, community, and institutions.
• that healthy development involves the mind, body, and spirit.
All students will be engaged by instructional practices that integrate creative inquiry with continual reflection.
Every student will complete high school with an individualized post-graduate plan.
All students will demonstrate learning characterized by rigor and relevance.
All students will set, plan for, pursue, and reflect upon individualized education goals on a scheduled basis.
All students will connect with culturally diverse resources, ideas, and people.
We will prepare our students to be flexible, adaptable, and resilient in a dynamic world.
We will develop new sources of revenue and utilize our current resources more efficiently.
We will foster positive relationships among students.
We will enrich students’ insight into diverse cultures.
We will elevate the rigor and relevance of our curriculum by renewing and expanding our existing academic programs, designing innovative and integrative educational opportunities to provide multiple pathways of experiences for all learners.
We will implement innovative functional practices to improve the quality of the student experience.
Bullying in any form will not be tolerated.
Discrimination, prejudice, and demeaning behavior will not be tolerated.
Strategic Plan (2010 - 2015)
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