What is STAP?

Student Technology Assistance Program

STAP began seven years ago with five students and has grown to over 90 students. The program evolved with the 1:1 iPad initiative and extends to all technology throughout the district.
STAP starts in middle school, where students can take an STAP elective covering the basics of six major areas of technology. (Ethics, Customer Service, Hardware, Software, Networking, and Programming) The elective is a semester-long course and sets students up for the STAP program in high school. If 7th grade students wish to continue to learn about technology and are interesting in STAP, they have the oppurtunity to be interns in 8th grade. Interns are enrolled in a year long course where they continue to explore varying areas of technology and are prepped with soft skills to help them interview for STAP. 
The program is organized and led by Department Heads and Officers. Officers postitions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Our current departements include: iPad Management, Networking, Printing & Projecting, Personal Relations, Finance, TechFix, Hardware Repair, and the Maker Campus. STAP is composed of office managers and technicians. The techs manage the technology, while the manangers keep track of the techs. We also have students that are both office managers and techs. Students hold increasing responisibilties and are trusted with passwords, all faculty technology, iPads, and etc. 
Whats New in STAP
Meet Our Members


Aaron is the current sitting president of the STAP program. As president he has many responsibilities but has chosen to expand on his role as a programmer during his senior year. At the beginning of this year he implemented the STAP tickets app to replace the dated TechFix. Most recently he has been working with the Echo staff in creating and launching the BASD Echo app. He is committed to improving on both of these projects throughout the school year.


Hi, my name is Anna and I am the Department Head of Printers and Projectors in STAP at Beaver Area High School. This means I am in charge of fixing the printers and projectors throughout the school when they are not working properly. I have a few students under me to help fix them when needed. There is a category in the STAP Tickets app for this department where teachers and faculty can add tickets when projectors or printers are not operating correctly. The students in this department and I are in charge of resolving these tickets. Every classroom in our school has a projector and the printers are used everyday.


I’m Bailey and I have been a member of STAP since seventh grade. I currently hold the position of vice president and I am also the head of the Networking Department. As Networking Department Head I oversee nine students. Five of these students are each assigned a closet of switches they are responsible for which includes monthly backups and closet maintenance. The other four students are responsible for running wire throughout the school district and making ethernet cables whenever needed. Within my department I help to manage the district’s wireless network and I am currently studying for my CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) certification with my peers. I am also responsible for making sure wireless access points, security cameras, and teacher phones are in installed properly and correctly connected to the internet.


I’m Eden and this is my fourth year in STAP. I am co-department head of our steam lab. I am in charge of our vinyl cutter, our button maker, and our sublimation printer. I believe the most unique thing about the stap program is the diversity they offer in opportunities. I loved the tech side of the program but I also love working with people so Mr.Shay and Mrs.Allison found me a perfect spot which I am beyond thankful for.


My name is Elena and I’m co-department head of admin. Me and other department head, Maddy Giamo, help to keep the program organized and make sure everyone is in task.


Hi I’m Joshua, Co-Department Head of the Kronos Maker Lab. My job is to prepare projects and requests from students and faculty for production and design in the maker lab. I also work our repair desk in the maker lab, which entails the repair of laptops, ipads and charges.


Hello I’m Kate. I’m the department head of the computer labs. I was appointed to this position at the end of eighth grade. I manage a group of seven high school juniors and seniors. My department covers seventy-six computers spread over seven rooms in the high school. We work on any computer issues in these seven rooms. My department often collaborates with Owen Anney’s department on any other computer issues in the high school. I am also the secretary of STAP. As secretary, I take minutes during all of our meetings.


Hi I’m Kenzie. I am the main face of the help desk in STAP. My main job is to help any students, staff, or parents that come to the desk. This year, I am a sophomore in high school. I have been in STAP since seventh grade, so this is my fourth year in the program. Some other tasks I often carry out are answering the phone or returning phone calls, sending out emails, or assisting Mr. Shay with any other tasks that need to be completed. If anyone has any problems or concerns I am also in charge of sorting all the tickets in the ticket app.


My name is Madelyn and I am a student here at BAHS in the class 2021. My position in STAP is the co-department head of the administration department. My department handles any tasks and events that effect the club as a whole. Me and my Co- department head Elena Kazas keep everyone organized and on task!


Hello, my name is Owen, and I am the department head of the Beaver Area School District’s STAP computer department. My team and I work to resolve issues relating to computers and are involved in the distribution of the staffs’ computers. Our daily practices range from resetting a computer to dealing with the files of the school district’s teachers. My diligent employees and I are often praised by teachers for our (outstanding) work. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Sometimes, I will go for a leisurely run to clear my head from all of the clutter I absorb on a daily basis.


I’m Ryan and I run the Assistive Technology Department, a department that is new to our school this year. Assistive Technology is essentially any device, program, or tool that provides students with any additional help they may need or any tools to overcome disabilities. We work to support students with vision and hearing problems, learning disabilities, or motor skill problems. We’re always looking for new ways to problem solve to try to help students overcome disabilities and use technology to become as independent as they can, while also not isolating them from their peers.


Hi I’m Shannon. I serve as the webmaster for the BASD website.  This past spring, focus group meetings were held with parents, school administrators, and key staff to gather feedback on the website as we prepared for a redesign over the summer.  The new website was launched before the start of the school year, focusing on improving navigation and addressing customer needs.  Together with a publishing team that I manage, we generate and revise web pages, meet with teachers and staff to provide guidance and recommendations for their web pages, and monitor traffic through the site.  I’m a freshman in high school and have been in the STAP program since seventh grade.  


My name is Zane, and the Department Head of iPads. My two main jobs are managing iPads with Meraki and sending out broken ones to get them repaired. Meraki is basically what we use to manage all of the iPads in the district. With Meraki, we can see the iPad’s battery percentage, location, storage, and even if it’s on or off. We can also restrict the iPads. For example, our seventh graders currently have no access to the App Store. That then begs the question of what do they do if they need apps. Well with Meraki, we can push apps to any iPad. Since Middle School iPads are usually “locked down,” we have a list of about 70 apps that will automatically get installed on that student’s iPad for their classes. If they need any additional apps, their teacher simply has to fill out a form, and we can get to them. As for High School iPads, even though they have access to the App Store (unless they’re requested to get locked down by a parent or teacher), we still provide them with 5 essential apps that they use for all their classes. If a teacher needs any apps for their class, the student could simply download them, but if they cost money, we can buy the apps and push them out. Although one of the essentials of Meraki, it does much more than just pushing apps. If a student comes into the tech room searching for their lost iPad, we can put the device into Lost Mode. It disables all the iPad functions and displays text on the screen with the school phone number and a message asking for whoever finds it to return it to the Tech Room. It will also play a dinging sound to alert anyone nearby. Meraki has many other functions including locking students into a single app, clearing their passcode, turning their iPad off, pushing the newest software out, and also enforce many restrictions. When a student breaks their iPad, the must bring in 25$ to a member of our finance department, and then I get it, box it up, send it in, then wait for it to return, usually in a week. The student will also get a loaner iPad till their iPad returns.
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