iPad Roll Out 2020

iPad Roll Out 2020


Grades 3-6 ONLY
Tuesday, JULY 28, 2020 

On Tuesday, July 28th we will begin to roll out iPads to students in Dutch Ridge Elementary School.  If you picked up an iPad in March, you must bring that iPad back to receive the new iPad.  When you arrive to pick up your child’s new iPad, our tech students will take your old iPad and charger and check you off our list. If you did not pick up an iPad, no problem, just sign up to pick up your child’s new iPad.



1. Per State mandate, a mask must be worn at all times.

2. To minimize interaction, you must sign up for a specific time slot.  Links for the sign up will be included in the email sent home and on the district web site.

3.  We must strictly adhere to the scheduled time slot.  If you are late for any reason, we ask that you sign up for a new time slot.  We are sorry, but at this time we are unable to “fit you in”.

4.  iPads will be distributed in the small drop off circle next to the cafeteria.  You will pull up and our students will bring the iPad to you, there should be no need to even exit the car.

5.  At the time of pick up, the iPads will have gone through the initial set up and be managed.  Some apps will be installed, the remaining apps will follow at a later date.  Right now our goal is to get the iPads out as quickly and safely as possible, we can push other needed apps in the future.

6.  Please make sure that if you are returning a district iPad you log out of all accounts. 


For the safety of our students, If you have questions,
please email the iPad student tech support team before your appointment.
Students will be directed not to answer question during the drop off for their safety and yours.
[email protected] 




“How much do we need to pay?”  
For students in grades 3-6, there is “NO” cost.

“Can I get a new or different case, or can I take it out of the case?”  
In both instances, the answer is no.

“Will we get a charger?”  
Yes you will receive a charger and a charging cable at the time of pick up.

“Is there a way to lock the iPad down even more securely?”  
There is a way for parents to take a more active role in monitoring their childs district iPad.  In the future we will provide a how to video with the exact steps for you.

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