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* A person loitering in school parking lots, building hallways, playgrounds or athletic fields

* Someone you don't recognize taking pictures of or sketching buildings

* Strangers asking questions about security and/or building security procedures

* Someone you don't recognize following you or someone else inside a building or on school property

* Unattended, abandoned or unusual looking vehicles parked for prolonged periods of time on school property

* Any individuals sitting in a parking lot for an extended period of time

* Someone attempting to gain access to restricted areas

* Unusual smells or smoke that worries you

* Any other activity that causes you to be suspicious

Suspicious Packages Include:

* An unattended backpack, briefcase or luggage left in public or high traffic areas

* A package, envelope or device that looks suspicious or out of place or cannot be readily identified 

Information to give to the police - Give as many details as you can:

  • Your contact information, including phone number, in case the police have questions for you at a later time

  • What you witnessed

  • Where it happened

  • When the incident(s) occurred

  • A description of who was involved:

    • Male or Female

    • Estimated height and weight

    • Build

    • Hair color, skin color, approximate age

    • Was there a car involved?  If so   

      • License plate number 

      • Description of car (color, make, model)

  • Have you seen this activity in this area before?

Please know that reports, themselves, are fielded by a “live” tip line specialist and subsequently shared with a number of community entities, including but not limited to:  The Attorney General’s Office, the School District, the Beaver and Brighton Twp. police departments, the local fire departments, and any other Federal, State or Local entity that is germane to the report.  The Office of Attorney General (OAG) encourages District Attorneys to investigate and file charges in the event of a false tip as a deterrent, and the OAG is prepared to assist local District Attorneys in these investigations.  Therefore, please keep in mind that any misuse of this system is against the law and will be investigated to the fullest.  There will be no anonymity given to false claims.

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